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Eye care
Eye care

Eye care

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Would you like to have naturally beautiful, long and thick eyelashes? DERMALUXELASH eyelash growth serum is a revolutionary product that promotes natural eyelash lengthening. It stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes which for various reasons become fragile, thin, short and discolored. Its special active ingredient strengthens the eyelashes, enabling them to grow longer and become thicker, darker and curled in only 14 days. The eyelash growth serum strengthens even the thinnest, sparsest and hardly visible eyelashes and can help those who lost their eyelashes for different reasons. DERMALUXELASH effectively repairs eyelashes after chemotherapy and is therefore recommended not only for women but also men irrespective of age. It is applied to the upper and optionally lower eyelid, preferably once a day before going to bed for a better absorption of active ingredients. You will soon notice new strong, dark, dense and above all longer eyelashes.The eyelash growth serum promotes natural eyelash growth without costly and time-consuming application of false eyelashes. It lengthens your natural eyelashes for up to 50 %, making them darker and more visible, which consequently means putting less time and effort into applying makeup and looking great without mascara as well. DERMALUXELASH eyelash growth serum provides women with thin, frail eyelashes with confidence, satisfaction and a naturally seductive look.


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