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Expresive wrinkles

Expresive wrinkles

LOTIQUE is a revolutionary line of cosmetic and medical anti-aging products. LOTIQUE products contain the most advanced ingredients against skin aging with no parabens or other preservatives, emulsifiers, alcohol or perfumes that might irritate the skin and cause allergies.

Active ingredients (substances with moisturizing and nourishing effects, vitamins and other antioxidants and bioactive peptides) in LOTIQUE products are stored in small granules, wrapped with an impermeable layer and safely protected against moisture and air. This technology's advantage is primarily the preservation of the granules which release their active ingredients not before applied to the skin. The unique structure of the enriched granules also prevents a mutual chemical reaction of active ingredients, the change of the structure of granules, and finally the loss of the primary effect of active ingredients.* The result is a unique skincare line that gives the skin all the necessary ingredients for a healthy, fresh and youthful appearance with no parabens, emulsifiers, alcohol or perfumes.

*Only the storage in granules assures a long-term activity and efficiency of neuropeptides. In creams and lotions, the efficiency is quickly lost through chemical oxidation processes.



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PAYPAL! NEW! Now you can pay safer!

PAYPAL! NEW! Now you can pay safer!

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