With its innovative active formula, the balm works on the growth of eyelashes. Clinical studies have shown that with regular use, the eyelashes grow up to 2.6 x faster than usual.

Premium care for weak and fragile eyelashes:

  • instantly nourishes your eyelashes with vitamins and minerals,
  • extends the life of natural eyelashes,
  • improves the appearance of eyelashes,
  • makes your eyelashes shine,
  • alleviates signs of the aging of eyelashes.

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Unique care for silky, shiny, healthy eyelashes

Did you know that aging affects the growth and ability of eyelash regeneration? The ability of regeneration slows down over the years, making the eyelashes thinner and fewer in number. If you continually burden your eyelashes with mascara, curlers, artificial eyelashes and makeup removers, they become weak and brittle.

We are introducing the Eyelash Balm, a unique balm that nourishes and strengthens your eyelashes with the help of natural nourishing oils. Regular application of the balm will restore the shine, elasticity and better structure to your eyelashes within a few days. Applying the mascara will also become easier as your eyelashes will be smoother and more supple.


Eyelash Balm is the only eyelash care product in our country that prevents signs of aging and cares for your natural eyelashes with selected ingredients.

Discover the unique eyelash balm that provides great care for your eyelashes with carefully selected ingredients. The balm comes in the form of a classic mascara bottle and is applied to the eyelashes with a brush once a day. Just one stroke of a brush a day guarantees you:

  • silky, soft eyelashes,
  • more flexible eyelashes that will break less,
  • longer eyelash life.


Precious natural oils for perfect care

Eyelash Balm is made up of the finest oils that have a noticeable effect on the growth, quality and structure of eyelashes. Among other ingredients, the balm thus contains:

  • castor oil,
  • coconut oil,
  • jojoba oil.

The rich composition of the balm nourishes the eyelashes, strengthens them and gives them a better structure. Overcome the harmful effects that alter the appearance of your eyelashes and improve their durability with the eyelash balm!

To use the balm properly, follow these steps:

  • clean your makeup off your face every night before going to bed,
  • when the face is clean, apply the balm directly on the upper and lower eyelashes,
  • be careful not to apply too much so that it does not get into your eye,
  • after applying the balm, try not to touch your eyes/eyelashes anymore,
  • wash your face in the morning when you wake up, especially your eyes; you can clean your eyes with a warm, moist cloth.

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PAYPAL! NEW! Now you can pay safer!

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